The American Journal of Poetry: “Andrew Jackson’s Hermitage”

Atlanta Review: “My Parents Named Us for the Dawn,” “Su-Mei from Su-Zhou, China”

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Book of Matches: “Last Words”

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Capsule Stories:  "Imaging the Great Ancients"

Chautauqua: “History Absents Itself,” "We Go out When the Sun Comes Out," "Horn Pond in May," "You Need to Be a Good

        Hunter or a Born Goddess to Get Out of It" 

Cider Press Review: "Love Genes," "On the Cypress in Front of Our House,” "Shuffling Through Old Photographs”

Cold Mountain Review: “A Snag - Your Choice of Sacrifice,” “Sighting a Snowy Owl”

Consequence: "A Perfect Storm" 

COUNTERCLOCK Journal: “What is the Color of Light”

Crosswinds Poetry Journal: “The Missing River”

The Dewdrop: “Light Breaks the Barrier”

DIALOGIST: “Riding the Horse”

Diode Poetry Journal: “In New York City,” “What I Once Called Home”

The Fourth River: “Grace of Falling”

Free State Review: “Island of Cows-São Miguel, Azores”

Global City Review: “We are the First Class of Tsinghua when Colleges Reopen after the Cultural Revolution”

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HeartWood Literary Magazine: "Kindling” 

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The North Meridian Review: “Far and Near,” "How Corona Evolves or Makes Us.                        

          Evolve, or We Have to Evolve Together"

Nostos: “Under the Autumn High Sky,” “Twelve-spotted Skimmer Dragonflies,” “In the Great

          Migration of Life

Ocean State Review: “Fixed”

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On The Seawall: “Under the Harsh Light”

pacific REVIEW: "Dear," "Winter Sweet" 

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The Sandy River Review: "The Whole World is Busy Getting Old," "From Darkness Comes             

          the Waning Crescent”       

Saranac Review: "The Blue Rabbit Stamp In the Year of Black Rabbit,” “In the Great Darkness, December 2022,” “Walking the

          DogBar Breakwater at Gloucester Harbor"

Sequestrum: "Our Innocence Rosy as Fiery Clouds Burned to Bare Boughs,” "Bucket of Belief,"

          "Midsummer in the Bahamas,” REPRINT: “Spiral,” “Father,” “New Year”

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