“Between the Sun and Moon” is forthcoming in A Literary Field Guide to Northern Appalachia by University of Georgia Press.

“Kaleidoscope” and “ The Lollipop Forest” appears in Art On the Trails Transformation

 at the Elaine  and Phillips Beals Preserve, 2023.      

“How Corona Evolves or Makes Us Evolve, or We Have to Evolve Together” also appears in.

          Essential Voices: A COVID-19 Anthology by West Virginia University Press, July 01, 2023

“With Arthur After the Memorial for His Wife” appears in The Book of Life After Death: An 

          Anthology by Tolsun Books, 2023

“Please Hold Me” and “Where is the Buddha” appear in Art On the Trails Exposure at the Elaine  and Phillips Beals Preserve, 2022. Poetry prize honorable mention.    

“Circle of Healing,” “Always to Fathom,” “Persistence” and “A Landview” appeared in Art On the Trails Mending at the Elaine and Phillips Beals Preserve, 2021.

“Consume” and “Hope Rising & X Rising” appeared in Art On the Trails Rising Up at the Elaine  and Phillips Beals Preserve, 2020. Poetry prize finalist.

“The Counter Revolution” and “She is the Wind of Spring” appeared in What the Poem Knows:

          A Tribute to Barbara Helfgott Hyett, by the members of PoemWorks, 2020.

“The Inlaid Harp” by Li Shangyin, translated by Xiaoly Li, appears in Comfort Zone:

          Poems of Solace & Strength from the Pandemic Year 2020, Kimberly G. Jackson, Editor,

          published with support from the Harmony Foundation.

“Arriving Home during Mid-Autumn Festival, Beijing,” “My New Festivals,” “Time at Starbucks,” “I am a sheet of White Paper,” “Yun Er, Cloud child,” and “Hexagrams of the Book of changes” appeared in Writers Next Door An anthology of Poetry and Prose, by Wilmington writing group members, 2018